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Company History

Square Deal Machining Inc. (SDMI) started as a one room machine shop in Marathon, NY and has since grown to a 300,000 sq ft facility that provides full-service fabrication, machining and welding capabilities.  SDMI was poised for growth when Joe Morgan purchased the company in 1998 and has since grown SDMI year after year.  The success and expansion of SDMI can be attributed to a company wide ability to anticipate the needs of the industries they serve and rapidly respond to the demands of their customers.

Centrally located in Upstate New York, SDMI is committed to sustaining its growth and better serving its customers by regularly investing in their customers and equipment.  From training welding operators in-house and seeking out grants for education courses, to researching and purchasing the latest technologies, SDMI continually finds ways to make its operations run more efficiently.

In recent years SDMI has invested heavily in implementing quick response manufacturing (QRM) initiatives.  The manual and robotic welding cells the SDMI maintains have especially benefited from this strategy.  Lean manufacturing also plays in integral role in the fabrication processes as every aspect of their services are constantly being internally audited for possible improvement.

At the core of SDMI is carbon steel fabrication which is the best niche for the company's capabilities.  There isn't much SDMI isn't able to perform in-house.  That versatility is what continues to make SDMI a leader in full service machining, fabrication, welding, and assembly.