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CNC Turning

CNC Machining Square Deal Machining

At SDMI, we have a variety of state of the art CNC turning machines with capabilities to produce close tolerances of up to .0001 to our customers’ exacting specifications.  We have the ability to produce parts and assemblies from steel, aluminum, brass and a wide range of various metals that other companies lack the experience and knowledge to machine.

Our CNC lathes manufacture complex components from chucked slugs and bar stock.  Our turning centers also have spindle capability from .060 to 3 1/2", chucking capacity up to 16” in diameter and turning capacity up to 48”long.  We have state of the art CAD CAM software that allows us to program from customer solid models so that we can take on even the toughest machining jobs

All of our turning capabilities are ISO compliant and SDMI also manufactures parts that meet mil-spec standards for military applications.  We have various turning machines outfitted with bar and waterfall feed attachments to ensure your project is completed within strict deadlines.

Our Quality Lathe/Turning Machines

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