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CNC Machining Square Deal Machining At Square Deal Machining our surface and form grinders are able to grind a wide variety of components and shapes with minimal operator attended time.  Our specialized grinding equipment has a working area of 6.0” x 18.0” (larger size parts can be accommodated with multiple setups).  We regularly work with tolerances of .0001" in size, shape and flatness.  Our operators are able to work with your CAD model or drawings and grind flat or 3-D contours depending on your project needs.  SDMI prides itself on our in-house, state of the art tool room where all our grinding and checking fixtures are designed and built.

SDMI is fully proficient in materials ranging from stainless steel, Inconel, aluminum, brass, bronze, rare metals, and carbide. 

At SDMI we pride ourselves on being expert problem solvers as well as machinists. Whether the grinding job is for military, transportation or medical industries, we will work with you to determine the best and most efficient processes required to get the job done right.  Surface grinding, form grinding, contour grinding, thin part grinding, 3-D grinding, high-speed grinding,  carbide grinding, and high-tolerance grinding are just a few of the lathe & grinding processes we perform on a daily basis.

Our Quality Surface/Form Grinding Machines

  • ESTARTA 301

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