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CNC Machining Square Deal Machining When working with SDMI our customers are guaranteed to receive the most innovative, reliable and quality welding services in the metal fabrication industry.  Our company was founded on fabrication and welding services and since then we have expanded to offer a wide range or welding technology that surpasses customer expectations and has set us apart from other fabricators in the industry.

SDMI Welding Advantages

  • All of our welders are AWS certified and our seam welders can weld seams on parts up to 12’ in length
  • We maintain an in-house certified welding inspector to ensure top quality throughout our various welding stations.
  • Our experienced welders can mig or tig weld any shape that can be slid over a mandrel. 

Our dedicated welding center is constantly updated to include the latest technology and techniques which allows our ASW certified welding team to efficiently and expertly perform top quality welds on all your parts.

Robotic Welding Capabilities

When you’re in need of welding services, you’ll naturally be concerned regarding quality, accuracy and cost efficiency.  For many applications where these standards are not only a desire, but a necessity, robotic welding can be the ideal solution.

SDMI has become a leader in providing high precision robotic mig welding.  Our robotic welding technology combined with our highly trained employers, allow your project to excel with fast lead times and unmatched quality control.

Robotic Welding Advantages

More Customization – Our fleet of robotic welding stations can weld on up to 5 axes which allows more customizable options for our customers

Flawless Repeatability – with our state of the art robotic welding technology, we can offer high levels of repeatability in the fabrication process which leads to dramatically shortened lead times for projects with high volume.

Increased Consistency – Our long-run robotic welding at SDMI provides accurately formed and cut parts.

Greater Accuracy – Our full CAD/CAM capabilities enable our AWS certified welding team to provide extremely accurate robotic welds at tight tolerances.

Work with SDMI for all of Your Welding Needs

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