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Energy ManufacturingAs the energy industry evolves and expands, so do the manufacturing capabilities of SDMI.  New lower-cost, higher-efficiency prototypes push manufacturers to be increasingly innovative with techniques and machining methodologies.  SDMI has the equipment and capabilities to manufacture mission critical products for the energy sector including drive trains, breaks, gearboxes, shafts and more for the mining, sub-sea, oil, hydropower, wind, or other alternative energy worksites.

SDMI has vast experience in CNC turning and CNC milling, skills which play in integral role in manufacturing shafts, sleeves, and other critical parts for oil and gas exploration. Decades of machining experience combine with talented engineers to create the ability to design for manufacturability – a skill set that saves our customers valuable time and capital in getting their energy products to market.

Partner with a Leading Energy Products Manufacturer

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