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Industrial Manufacturing

At SDMI we have a wide scope of customers which fall into the categorization of general industrial companies for which we produce engineered parts and solutions.

Our customers include manufactures of safety/security devices, welding equipment, mining equipment, robotics equipment, process controls and many others. No matter what process you are trying to improve in your component; safety, efficiency, size, control, or reliability, SDMI can help you with the next evolution of your design.

Our 180,000 sq ft manufacturing center is tailored to support industrial products and include many flexible value added services, ranging from prototyping through production. With our wide array of manufacturing processes, we can help bring products to market quickly while maintaining high tolerances that industrial leaders demand.

Partner with a Leading Industrial Components Manufacturer

Learn more about how partnering with SDMI on your next industrial products related manufacturing project can benefit your organization by calling 607.849.3502 or click here to visit our online RFQ form if you have an upcoming project you'd like us to quote.